All in-text citations to scientific texts, collected

Track all in-text references to your scientific research

provides scientists with in-depth profiles on in-text citations referencing their work in peer-reviewed journals across the world.

Help build the largest network of peer-reviewed scientific knowledge

Science.Report is a pioneering social network service that connects scientists and researchers working across the globe by profiling author publications and the in-text citations that reference them. Join the network to follow other authors, bookmark relevant citations, comment on references and create your own author profile.

V2.0 is now live!

The much-awaited redesign of Science.Report is now live, and users can enjoy numerous useful social features. In addition to a brand new format that lays out all available information regarding authors and citing publications, users can bookmark references and publications, comment on references and follow author profiles. Following an author means that any updates posted by the author or on the author's profile will show up in your feed. You can also create your own author profile by adding publications that you have authored, and any references that cite your work. Contact us to provide feedback on new features, report any bugs and suggest new features.

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